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Hemp Foundation
Studio Address: 221, 60 Feet Rd, Pulpharadpur, Block A, Pul Pehlad Pur, New Delhi, Delhi 110044, India
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Phone number: +91-98709-89567

As you all are aware, global warming is causing the earth’s temperature to increase at alarming rates. The rate of temperature rise has increased by almost 200% in the last 5 decades. As a result of this rapid increase in temperature, our glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, and weather patterns across the world are deteriorating rapidly.

Yes, the human race is racing towards self-destruction, and we may end up killing ourselves in the not so distant future.
The accelerated loss of glacial waters has resulted in an acute water crisis. By the time you are reading this, 21 Indian cities including Bengaluru, Delhi, and Chennai will be left devoid of groundwater. On the other hand, the rising seas shall cause a rise in water levels that may drown the cities near shores. As a result of deforestation, there is not enough vegetation left on the planet, leading to the rapid degeneration of fragile ecosystems. The extinction rate of flora and fauna has is currently at the highest rate. More animals and plants are on the verge of extinction than you can imagine!
Plastic pollution is threatening not just our land resources but water resources also. Our oceans are suffocated with plastics. Humans are facing the brunt of marine pollution as we consume marine organisms as a part of our food chain. Fossil emissions and carbon emissions cause acidification of our oceans. As a result of these emissions, scientists predict that our oceans may become 150% more acidic in the future.
We are blessed with the most beautiful as well as the most bountiful planet in the Solar System. The Almighty provided us everything that we need for our existence. But unfortunately, there is no end to our wants. The planet is not made to suffice to our limitless greed.

Sadly, the current condition of our planet is very grave. We are a disaster waiting to happen. We need to act now!
At Hemp Foundation we know that A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step”. We’ve begun our journey towards improving the planet for future generations. Through these small steps, we hope to make small positive changes that may trickle-down to big reforms for mankind.

Hemp Foundation is committed to improving living conditions by promoting the growth of hemp and its diverse usages. Did you know that hemp has more than 25,000 special usages? Hemp promises to be the magical crop that can satiate human’s need for clothing, nutrition, packaging, and even housing; without hurting the sustenance of our planet.​

For wholesale enquiry, please email [email protected]