A quick 3 min video with a super smooth break down of how to a stuffed Hemp J from myself Team Rider:Kacy Holmes Filmed & Edited by: P.Dolla$
In this video we try out juicy hemp wraps strawberry Fields. We’ll open them up, see how they smell, check them out and roll one up and try. Check out my merch https://teespring.com/new-youtube-channel-logo#pid=2&cid=577&sid=front #JuicyHempWraps#HowToRoll For educational and entertainment purposes only **21 and over only** D.H.C:https://dailyhighclub.com/?rfsn=1627610.234938 The Weed Box Use code: BIGMIKE to SAVE!!! Order your box here at: https://theweedbox.net/ http://twitch.tv/bigmikelifestyle http://munchpak.com/mikevlog LOOK** **LIKE** ** SUBSCRIBE ** Contact me at:[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] California medical patient proposition 215 21+ and over adult Channel only
Qveen Cannabis dishes out the deets on Hemp Wraps Vs. Blunts. Hemp wraps are an organic, healthier way (as opposed to cigar wraps) to medicate. Blunts have been an all-time favorite since the ’90s. But, when it comes to rolling up, hemp wraps are a better choice- not to mention they are vegan! Cigar wraps are easier to get a hold of. Almost every smoke shop has them. They are affordable and easy to roll. Hemp wraps are a growing craze, so more smoke shops are starting to have them available. Believe it or not, hemp wraps are also cost-effective. [More]
Josh explains his long history of making blunts and blunt wraps!!
Get High Hemp Wraps here — http://www.cannabislifestyletv.com/recommends/highhempwraps/ Wanna smoke a tobaccoless blunt? Need to learn how to roll up a High Hemp Wrap? Well, you found the right video. We’re about to show you how to roll up High Hemp Organic Wraps! If you’ve been following us, you know the majority of us at CLtv enjoy our blunts. The problem is, they’re made from Tobacco leaves, and smoking enough of them can potentially cause health issues. No more will that be an issue for our fellow blunt lovers, thanks to High Hemp Wraps! These innovative blunt wraps are 100% organic, [More]
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