Summer Walker decided to not feed her baby formula back in October. Summer is feeding the baby hemp honey and mushrooms.
Summer Walker shared exactly what she feeds her 2 month old daughter in attempt to keep her healthy and fans want to send help to the new born baby because they say she is not supposed to be giving her those solid foods yet plus she complained about Baby formula being way too expensive and can save money on fruits, vegetables and peas instead. They also noticed that she has gotten smaller since Mother’s Day so Twitter went in on her and Services may be paying the R&B singer a visit soon, We Pray for her … SUBSCRIBE to this [More]
Michael Lyons with Summer Star Haeske at NoCo3 from the Hemp Tomorrow Stage.
Today we’re here with Drew and she’s going to show us one of her favorite hemp seed recipes, a tasty and fresh summer salad! An easy and quick meal packed full of omega 3 & 6. Have an idea for a recipe? Let us know in the comments! FOLLOW MINISTRY OF HEMP Twitter: Instagram: