for those of yall saying foxtail, there’s good and bad foxtailing, i’d say this leans closer on the good side…..but hey, to each their own, times are changing. regardless, imma smoke the life out of this plant. ill run it with massive bloom next time to beef it up, give it more chunk etc. buy these seeds here: snapped a node on this one and significantly altered the yield….stuff happens, #mainlinewoes Nutrients: Megacrop Bud Explosion Supplements: Sweet Candy Sea Kelp Cal Mag Recharge Medium: Coco Perlite Fabric Pots Environment: Tents Exhaust Fans Windflow Fans Trays Check my [More]
A delicious green superfood smoothie using pineapple, kale, avocado, hemp seeds and dates. Banana-free, creamy and delectable. Written recipe here:  Website: Facebook:
This was my entry for a Fastbuds video contest. It’s a “How to Grow Autoflower, Indoors, The basics”