Planning on growing high CBD hemp this year? Watch this video and learn a few of the methods to germinate feminized hemp seed for the small scale grower. Bill, Reed and Kirk will show you how to soak and handle the seeds, then take you through 9 days of the feminized hemp plant’s growth. They compare the different methods to try and determine which works better. Find out more about growing high CBD hemp or to purchase feminized hemp seeds at #HempSeeds #CertifiedHempSeeds, #HempFarming #FeminizedHempSeeds #HempCBD #CBD #MedicalHemp #HempPlanting #IndustrialHemp #CBDSeeds #CBDHealth #CBDMedicine #HempGrowing
Pollen sacks almost ready to pop. Technically I could pick the seeds out of the pollinated plants and use the bud for tinctures or what not but since it’s been exposed to the silver even in the smallest amount I’m gonna toss it after I harvest the seeds.
An overview of the different methods to make feminized hemp seeds, as well as what could happen if we were to reverse the process to try and produce masculinized seeds. We will be covering in more detail the exact process of making feminized seeds with colloidal silver in the next hemp horticulture video as well as a few grow logs covering the production of feminized seeds in the next few grow hemp videos, so stay tuned! Want access to exclusive and early content? Join us on Patreon and help support this channel at
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Let’s overview seeds and the similarities and differences between Cannabis seeds. One FAQ question I didn’t cover in the video: if a regular seed becomes a female, YES the Cannabis and THC content will be just as good as a feminized seed of the same strain. The only differences in THC level, as discussed in the video, are between autoflowering and fem/reg seeds of the same strain. My Grower Gear & Head Shop: *I used to have a link to seeds here, but turns out it’s not allowed on YT, so I removed it; sorry…you’ll have to find me [More]