#hemp #cannabis #growinghemp In today’s video I talk about our CBG seed issue, and I talk about why I like my own clones so much! I go over the pros and cons of each way of growing hemp. It is an ongoing debate in the industry of which is better to start growing with. Seeds vs clones comes down to preference and patients of the grower. Lets jump into today’s topic and let me know what you like or dislike about seeds and clones! Check out our friends at craft buds! https://growcraftbuds.com/ Use code: Yorkriver for 15% off! Thanks for [More]
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Adam Fischer from ANO CBD speaking with John Lyons about how they are so successful with their clone process and superior Hemp Genetics like Super CBD, ACDC and Cherry. ANO CBD 850-347-0919 [email protected] https://anocbd.com 12-2-18
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