for those of yall saying foxtail, there’s good and bad foxtailing, i’d say this leans closer on the good side…..but hey, to each their own, times are changing. regardless, imma smoke the life out of this plant. ill run it with massive bloom next time to beef it up, give it more chunk etc. buy these seeds here: snapped a node on this one and significantly altered the yield….stuff happens, #mainlinewoes Nutrients: Megacrop Bud Explosion Supplements: Sweet Candy Sea Kelp Cal Mag Recharge Medium: Coco Perlite Fabric Pots Environment: Tents Exhaust Fans Windflow Fans Trays Check my [More]
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—-Intended for the 18 & over—- Sebastian Good tells you all about Fastbuds Gorilla Glue Auto. Here is some more info on the Strain: The knockout artist. 24% THC that comes with a hard-hitting high. The stickiest in the game! So much resin that it will literally stick your fingers together. Massive yields. Up to 600gr/m2 and ready to harvest in just 70 days. Extremely potent. A strong couch-lock effect, ideal for avid consumers and Indica lovers. Better than ever. Super dense buds with fat calyxes drenched in resin, now in auto version. Grow out of sight! Big and bushy, [More]
Esperanto Club Grow by МайкТайсон ( Part 1 ) Cheese auto fem Critical auto fem
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flushing all 3 of the girls gorilla cookies … critical ,, bubba’s gift ..
Week 4-5 UPDATE. Northern Lights Auto Flower. In this video I will be showing you how I Low Stress Train, aka LST, my plants. It’s fairly simple but you need to do it consistently to have an even canopy with a ton of new tops and bud sites. If you have a specific question, ask away! I love helping out when I can. Hey guys! This is my second grow but my first I will be sharing with ya’ll! If you enjoy, like it and subscribe! If you want to ask me a question, leave a comment below! Tent – [More]
About day 75 or 76 on my cannabis auto flower grow . But there’s atleast another 5 days to 14 days left on these. to
days 40/50 auto grow diary baeneys farm glue gelato purple punch dutch passion blueberry ..
Continued flowering of the auto garden
Pollen sacks almost ready to pop. Technically I could pick the seeds out of the pollinated plants and use the bud for tinctures or what not but since it’s been exposed to the silver even in the smallest amount I’m gonna toss it after I harvest the seeds.
Taking a look at some Crop King autos
Dry weight of this plant was 324.79 grams. I deserve a platinum medal for shitty transitions :’) Don’t forget to join the give away on my IG! Music: Sky ft. Kid Marz – Diamonds Produced by Sky Beats. @skybtz
In this video, Corey Plank shows the differences between autoflower hemp varieties and traditional photoperiod hemp varieties.
Auto Tsunami Hemp Seeds