Wondering which super seed is for you? Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of chia, flax and hemp seeds. I’ll also share below my favourite chia seed pudding recipe. 00:00 Super Seeds! 00:31 Omega-3 Rich Seeds 01:38 Which Seed is Best For You 02:50 How Do You Incorporate More Seeds Into Your Life? #nutritionadvice #foodyourself #jesspirnak FEATURED IN THE VIDEO Chia Seed Pudding 1 can of coconut milk 1/3 cup chia seeds 1 tbsp of maple syrup 1 tsp vanilla Let it sit on the counter for about an hour or in the fridge for about 30 [More]
As the industry continues to change and grow, so do we here at the Plug Supply. That includes admitting when you have made mistakes, as well as learning and adapting from them accordingly. These videos aren’t going to make us popular, but we didn’t get into this to make friends. We got in it to help the farmers, and sometimes helping the farmers is flat out telling them to not grow. Join Brad Menard for this incredibly in depth informational video outlining true market analysis on splits, tolling, the numbers you need to be hitting to succeed, as well as [More]
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🚀 FULL EPISODE Canna Cribs, Season 1 Finale, Episode 8 at The Pharm and Sunday Goods, growing in a seven-acre Dutch greenhouse, filmed in Willcox, AZ. #ThePharm+SundayGoods grows cannabis in a seven-acre Dutch greenhouse in Willcox, Arizona. Under the cultivation guidance of legendary grower and geneticist, Sjoerd Broeks, The Pharm produces cannabis year round, selling their products throughout dispensaries in Arizona. 📢Do you want an episode of Canna Cribs at your grow operation? Click the link 👇 to apply! https://growers.typeform.com/to/BdBlK6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Want to check out the equipment and Products featured at The Pharm? Click the link below! https://growershouse.com/canna-cribs-s1e8/?aff=2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🍃Powered [More]
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CitiTV Business Dashboard Special Report on Hemp for Textiles & Household Goods Manufacturing Feature Segment by Michael Kwesi Ogbodu with subject matter expert and business consultant, Nataki Kambon. Commercial hemp can be manufactured into fabrics, textiles, household products, replace single use plastics, and building materials and more. Nataki spoke at the Ghana Hemp Tech Conference that took place in Accra. She invited investors, growers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributers, and retailers to contact her about entering into the emerging hemp market. Nataki Kambon is a Senior Consultant with Nu Business Solutions. Her teams lead accelerated startup launches and business scaling projects for [More]
In this video you get information on the strain Redhaired Sonja and top picked pictures of the strain, or any if limited in a comic book style video done in 4K. I also throw in inspired products and any information online available on the strains flower..
Welcome to the wonderful world of hempcrete. Bob Escher, architect and Jennifer Martin, builder provide an introduction to hempcrete for Designers and Builders. Bob and Jennifer are members of the US Hemp Building Association. Bob is the founding President and a current Board member. Jennifer serves as a New England Regional Leader. Recorded on Zoom / Powerpoint presentation.
In this video Baylee Sweet the owner/ operator of Harvest Helper Trim Store, heads out to MJBizcon in Las Vegas to talk to her manufacturing partners of automatic leaf trimmers for hemp and cannabis flower to see what’s new on the market for this specialized area of the cannabis industry. She will show us what the cutting edge literally looks like in the cannabis industry in today’s cut throat market where the difference in choosing the wrong automatic trimmer can cost you thousands of dollars in equipment costs, labor and time. She will interview representatives of Mobius Trimmers, Centurion Pro, [More]
LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE WHY CROP-TO-CURE™ & WHAT IS CannaFREEZE? Live cannabis is a masterpiece of nature. It’s beautiful to look at, touch and smell. It’s too bad that harvested cannabis and hemp loses so much of its magic. You see, cannabis degrades during the curing process. It’s rare to end the process with the same full bodied, colorful bud that started it. The worst part is that you’re spending time and money on a curing process that degrades the product. You need 2 weeks or more to complete it. You need space, people, climate control and power. Those costs take [More]
Introducing the CenturionPro XL 5.0 SE. This special edition industrial scale trimmer is the best trimming machine on the planet. The triple cutting reel double belt system is the latest innovation from CenturionPro and allows this machine to process up to 2250 lbs/hr wet / 450 lbs/hr dry. This video highlights some of the key features of the machine using call-outs. The industry leading power of the XL Trimmers provides continuous duty operation and reliability to tackle even the most demanding of harvests. The massive processing capability of the XL Trimmers result in a lean workflow with just a single [More]
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Clip from The HempList #20: Seed Genetics & Growing Indoor/Greenhouse Hemp Flower w/ Josh from Western Farms Seed In this Clip Josh goes into the process of retrofitting their large greenhouses for growing Hemp Seeds & Flower. Then the conversation goes back to Genetics, and some of the science being used at Western Farms Seed to produce high quality Hemp Seeds! Subscribe to the YouTube channel for the full length interview or find us on Spotify and other podcast apps. Learn more and create your account now at Kush.com. Subscribe for more interviews every Week.
This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! The closet grow is approaching the end of flower and it’s almost time to harvest. I go over how to determine your flowers are ready to be harvested and go over how to transplant using organic dry amendments and coco coir as a medium. I also cover some basic indoor gardening practises like how much to water after a recent transplant and end of flower leaf clean up to avoid pest and mold issues. This channel and its content are intended for adults over the age of 18. I do not condone any illegal activities, [More]
Hempcrete is a natural building material made of hemp, lime, and water. Hempcrete is lightweight, less brittle than concrete, doesn’t require expansion joints, and acts as a top-notch insulator. Hempcrete sample https://www.hemptraders.com/Sample-Hempcrete-Kit-p/spc.htm?Click=202 Buy hempcrete (raw material) — Hemp Hurds & Lime Binder https://www.hemptraders.com/HempCrete-Raw-Materials-s/1943.htm?Click=202 *** A special thanks to Hempitecture and HempBuild for giving us permission to use their remarkable hempcrete photos. *** Joe Powers is the chairman of Hemp Writer, a modern-day cannabis media and communications holding company, a full-service cannabis advertising agency servicing clients across the United States and abroad. Follow Hemp Writer: 2nd YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRoQrwGXrgjOY1P4wwYwzyw Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hemp_writer/ Pinterest: [More]
A complete breakdown of how to regenerate a medicinal CBD rich hemp plant as well as a time lapse video and step by step guide of my first attempt in regenerating a plant. Like the content? Then check out The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Creating CBD Products From Scratch guide at https://amzn.to/2Lvm1FK Items I talk about in the video: Nature’s Care Organic Garening Soil / Potting Mix: http://amzn.to/2yiX4ER Perlite: http://amzn.to/2zpAk9v Fertilizer Used: http://amzn.to/2As5ICc Pruning Snip: https://amzn.to/2JEqIPh Want access to exclusive and early content? Join us on Patreon and help support this channel at https://www.patreon.com/weedinapot
GHS Industries, Inc. is offering the world leading hemp fiber processing equipment as a turn key project complete with business plans showing profits in year one all while paying farmers upon deliver for their crop versus split agreements that appeared to hurt the industry in previous years of processing hemp. Consistency and volume are what many are chasing in the hemp industry. Buyers are looking for suppliers that can provide a consistent product all the while processors are looking for scaled equipment that is proven to produce a marketable product. Take this a step further and you see there are [More]
Attorney General Brad Schimel on the Wisconsin Department of Justice and Wisconsin Statewide Intelligence Center’s advisory for law enforcement in regards to the legality of producing and selling hemp CBD oil in Wisconsin.
Welcome to Blaine, WA. Come visit our organic hemp clothing and lifestyle store and organic vegan cafe – Cafe Rawganique right at Blaine harbor.
Basic vegan plain milk version: After having been soaking for up to 12 hours & well rinsed & drained several times 1 cup of unshelled hemp seeds soaked in pure water for at least 12 hours. blend in powerful blender for few minutes until shells break down. Super healthy version: For extra goodness i added: 1 teaspoon sunflower lecithin as an emulsifier 2 teaspoons Irish moss collagen for thickening 2 teaspoons raw coconut oil for a sweeter and richer flavour This milk stays fresh in the fridge for up to 3 days here is link to a very short video [More]
AKYUREK Kardesler Ltd was established in 1973, since then AKYUREK have been successfully manufacturing Seed conditioning and processing machinery in MERSIN, Turkey. Core company policies are high customer satisfaction, product quality, safety and after sales services. With today’s fast improving technology AKYUREK Kardesler Ltd operates as Akyurek Technology and continues its success within the industry. AKYUREK Technology’s forty years of industry experience now continues with an ecological production policy. AKYUREK Technology situated on a 25 000 meter square area and growing each day with its 250 members of staff. AKYUREK Technology is a family owned and run business, with professional [More]
Nutritionist Jessica Valiant, explains the features and benefits of organic hemp seeds.