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Welcome Back, Friends! Grow Sisters Media is proud to launch The Sister Grow Your Own Summer Project! Learn how to grow your own cannabis and hemp garden from second-generation cannabis farmers from Humboldt County California.

In this video, we will be showing you how to germinate your cannabis or hemp seeds.
If you have not picked out the seeds for your garden please check out our latest blog, ‘How to choose the best cannabis and hemp seeds for your home garden’ on our website

This season we will be growing form The Grow Sisters and Humboldt Seed Company Grow Your Own Trio Pack. The genetics in this pack were selected specifically for a well-rounded garden. From back yard deck gardens to a larger commercial cultivation site these genetics were chosen to bring a wide spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids to one harvest. Pleasing both the connoisseur that prefers fruity and the Gas craving friends. Then we staggered in the harvest times with our third choice the Sol Mate Autoflower. These are a relatively new phenomenon and can be a great option for a novice grower as they combine pretty much everything you’re looking for in a plant – feminized, and Indica dominant, and they are extremely forgiving. They’ll grow pretty much anywhere, and quickly.
I am very excited about Autoflower for the home grower. If you’re a recreational user experimenting with growing your own, auto flowers are a great place to start. Get your Trio Seed Pack now

If you would like to learn more about the three genetic choices in the Grow Grow Your Own Trio Pack —-Check out our latest HIgh NOON Sundays podcast with Nat Pennington owner of the Humboldt Seed Company where we dive into explaining each genetic, why it was chosen for the trio pack, and some grower tips from the Hills of Humboldt.
You can find that HIgh NOON Sundays podcast at

SO now let’s Germinate!
Germination, the emergence of a plant from a seed, requires a warm environment and the absorption of water. Water penetrates the seed coat and activates an enzyme that causes the plant to emerge.
There are many different methods to germinate seeds. The most popular is simply placing the seed into the soil and adding water.

Today I would like to show you how to germinate seeds with paper towels, 3 plates, three plant tags, water, and a diligent eye.
1. Create Plant tags
2. Place plates out and tag plates
3. Count out 5 Fold paper towel pieces. Fold so the base paper towel is thicker, holding more water
4. Soak paper towels
5. Open Seed Pack
6. Place seeds on their reserved locations
7. Place a single paper towel over the top of the seeds
8. Find them a warm, but not in direct sunlight location to germinate.
9. Do not let them dry out.

Within the next week or so you should have beautiful little sprouts starting and you will be on your way to having a lush garden in no time.
If you are planning on cloning your own plants please reference The Grow Sisters How To Clone Cannabis Video. You can find that here on our Youtube Channel. Please subscribe.
Also do not be shy about purchasing your clones from a dispensary if this is an option for you and fits your desires for a garden please, by all means, go that route. It takes an entire step out of the process and why not make it easy.

Again there are many ways to germinate seeds, check out the Sister, Grow Your Own Blogs on our website for additional germinating information and practices.

Stay tuned for these seeds to sprout and a whole new season to bloom!
However, you are germinating your seeds or getting your clones that is ok because You can Grow Your Own Way!

Thank you to our Sponsors LeafWorks DNA and The Humboldt Seed Company. We are very excited to explore more of the good work these companies are doing in the cannabis movement with you! Stay Tuned!

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