involute-curved, vertical-axis windmill vane built using vacuum resin infusion process… 100% green & natural construction (no glass-fiber used)… reclaimed milled redwood battens sandwiched between 5oz. hand-dyed limegreen hemp/silk fabric, then infused with avacado tinted SuperSap epoxy bio-resin… surface area infused 32 square feet… (one of three monocoque vanes). design & fabricaton: Jeff Casper copyright: 2010 background audio dub: Augustus Pablo w/Dillinger
Tips on the nutritional benefits of organic shelled hemp seeds (a superfood), and how to add them to your snacks and meals! From Organic Liaison Health Director Deborah Klein, MS, RD.
La receta lleva: 1 taza de almendras, media taza de semillas hemp y 1/2 taza de pine nuts con 1.5-2 litros de agua, entre mas agua menos cremoso pero mas rinde ya que el precio de Pine Nuts es super costoso. My Vida Origins: Follow me: Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat: ronaldmoscoso1 Twitter:
Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry conducted industrial hemp orientation meetings for those interested in cultivating, processing and transporting industrial hemp in Louisiana. Get Paid To Help Legalize Hemp And Get hemp Into Broad Use Hemp Protein, Hemp Protein And Hemp Seeds| Can Remedy Hunger, Economy, Fuel, Ecological Issues} And Your Sex Life Pt 8
#hemp #hempfarm #growinghemp In this video I show you the progress the hemp plants have made since being planted in the grow area. I show you how farm they have come from the ugly clones they were to the pretty plants they are now. I also show you the direct seed plants and how they are doing. I answer some commonly asked questions about our farm and our hemp operation. I also talk about soil wars and what I have decided to do. Thanks for stopping by the channel! Please like the video and subscribe to our channel for all [More]
Zach Dorsett is the Chief Growth Officer of Blue Forest Farms, a vertically-integrated Colorado hemp farm focused on using advanced genetic science to produce more predictable hemp plants & CBD products. In this clip, Zach describes how increased genetic testing and science-focused breeding programs will likely lead to a more stable, reliable hemp stock as well as better products for CBD customers looking for recreational life improvement and medical symptom relief from CBD oil products. To hear more of Zach’s insights into the future of hemp & cannabis genetics in agriculture, listen to the full podcast episode Pe158 on any [More]
Northern Lights auto and Candy Cane auto day 7 of Flower…
Cornell researchers plant trial of 17 varieties of industrial hemp for seed and fiber, June 9, 2017. More information:
Summer line in stock! Skateboarder Ollie Rodgers showcases his passion and talent for skating whilst wearing the Anthea Hemp Tee and Tyche Sweat Shorts. Visit: for more details Music: Addictive – Cut Chemist Shot using a Panasonic GH4
Runnin Humboldt seed org’s Blue Dream and Sour Diesel #2. TGA’s Dairy Queen, THSeeds Darkstar. Also phono hunting seven different Mr. Nice females…(Sensi Seeds) should be good! 1080p sorry for the blinding HPS, picking up some Method 7s asap In compliance with my states medical mmj laws. All legal medicine
Hemp as a source of clean renewable ethanol fuel is explained and discussed by experts. This is a DVD extra from THE HEMP SOLUTION – FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. The full version is available at Help Educate the Masses Please… buy and distribute DVDs!
Steven Turetsky is managing director of Shi Farms and a cannabis industry veteran and hemp entrepreneur focusing on hemp genetics, cannabinoid production and industrial hemp-based textiles. Subscribe to our channel below. Visit our webpage to sign up for newsletters: For information about the next CannaTech event
Cam explaining how electrical power points are installed in the Hempcrete.
Bruce Dietzen, CEO at Carbon Negative Technology joins us on WhatCannaRadio to discuss how he went from building glass fiber composite cars to building a Hemp Composite manufacturing company. Those in the industry may know Bruce by the bright red Hemp Composite sports car he debuted in 2016 and was shown all over the news, and even appeared on Jay Leno’s Garage. Coming from an IT background, Bruce wasn’t familiar with Hemp until someone suggested he look into using it to replace the glass fibers for his car. After learning how Henry Ford had used it decades ago, he decided [More]
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