Yuurp Co. Industrial Hemp Farms Premium Strain Review

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Yuurp CBD Hempary https://www.yuurp.com
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Umpqua is a Native American term that truly embodies this Indica dominant strain, taking you across the waters to a place of serenity and calm, easing the thundering within and without, this is an unusually calming strain that engenders complete relaxation and peace. Hybrid; a delicious smelling and fragrant bud that exudes citrus flavors including lemon, peaches, and others, with a touch of pine. It tastes just like it smells, too, and the aroma just grows in intensity the more it’s broken down or ground.
Jet Fuel is a sativa-dominant hybrid that comes from some of the most renowned Diesel strains. Its name isn’t purely devoted to the sweet, pungent aroma of diesel fumes that this strain exudes, but also the immediate high-energy jolt of uplifting effects that eventually level off to provide steady stimulation. With a cannabinoid content of over 33%, Jet Fuel is sure to aid in alleviation from nearly any physical discomfort and help you power through your busiest of days.
Maui OG, or Maui for short, is a Hawaii-based Sativa strain that provides an energizing boost when either consumed or smoked. It packs quite a punch, and you’ll feel most of the effects in your head. It’s got that musky and sweet blend that makes one both euphoric and happy.

Industrial Hemp Farms is one of the nation’s largest wholesalers of CBD products. It specializes in CBD hemp flower and has dozens of varieties. However, it also sells CBD, CBN, and CBG oil, CBD gummies, and isolate products. Though you can purchase ‘regular’ amounts, IHF encourages customers to buy in bulk and make enormous savings. It has operations in five states at present, but its central lab is in Colorado.