Toad&Co – Hemp Clothing (Ya, Man)

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Toad&Co’s Dan and Drew on everything you need to know about this epic wonder weed (hemp).

Hemp is strong, holds its shape, and is virtually indestructive when it comes to water. We also love hemp for its low environmental impact: it’s grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMO seeds, and is predominantly rain fed. Hemp is a phyto-remediative plant, meaning it decontaminates soil by absorbing pollutants, replenishes vital nutrients, and prevents erosion. As a fiber, it naturally wicks moisture, has anti-microbial properties, and protects from UV rays. Hemp’s a porous fiber, allowing it to breathe and respond to your body heat, keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not. We blend our hemp with other fibers like organic cotton and recycled polyester to achieve different performances. We currently source our high-quality hemp from a solar-powered farm in China.