Three Industries Hemp Will Change Besides Apparel

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3 Industries #Hemp Will Infiltrate BESIDES Apparel

• I make a TON of content focused on #hempapparel , but today I wanted to mention a few industries that I think will be changed by hemp over the coming years 🙌🏻

1. Construction 🔨 . Have you heard of #hempcrete ?! If not I’d recommend doing your research. With proper time, R & D & science I think Hempcrete will become a big part of the construction industry within reasonable time for its durable, eco friendly and air filtering properties.

2.Paper 🧻. For many years hemp paper was a part of the game. Eventually tree mills & logging took precedence over hemp as laws changed. I know of a few people that will change the #hemppaper game here in time ( Inkubate Packaging being one of them.)

3. Fuel ⛽️. #hempbiofuel has been known to be better on engines than conventional gasoline and diesel. With electric cars being a big trend right now as people want to save money and be more “green” hemp could stand to be a contender in the fuel industry.

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