The Python 4.0 Industrial Hemp and Cannabis Trimmer

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Tom’s Python 4.0 is the enhanced version of the Python. It includes an optional conveyer belt and a gentle auger feeder from the hopper into the Python.

The Python works like Tom’s tried and proven tumbler technology which tumbles the sugar leaves from cannabis or hemp which moving them through the 3 chamber barrel in less than 5 minutes.

It is effective and produces a product that looks hand-trimmed in a fraction of the time and cost! Trim 350-500 pounds PER HOUR in the Python.

The Python is effective with Hemp and Cannabis. Different net meshes and materials give you control over the trim level. The angle of the Python along with the patented baffle system lets you control the speed of the bud tumbling from the feeder to the end.

The entire process is transparent, so you can see the buds from the hopper, through the three barrel chamber with the clear plexiglass panels. The buds drop into your bag or bin while the trim is dropped onto the conveyor or into your bins.

The Python is in use by large hemp and cannabis processors from Oregon to Tennessee. Order yours today for a 2-3 week delivery. Only $59,999.

Look for the Python 1,000 release, which will do 1,000 pounds per hour!

Call Tom to get more information at 800-601-0797.