Why hemp could save the world. Get access to extended, ad-free OCC content with CuriosityStream AND Nebula for $14.79 per year (26% off for a limited time only!) https://curiositystream.com/occ In this Our Changing Climate climate change video, I look at how hemp could save the world from climate change. Obviously, there’s no one solution to climate change, but hemp and hemp cultivation could unlock a lot of alternatives to industries that currently emit tons of CO2 every year. Hemp is not only beneficial for the soil, but it also sequesters a substantial amount of carbon dioxide. Also, hemp is one [More]
We will explore hemp and its history, and will go into its modern exciting uses in the fashion world.
If you have an interest in history, why not subscribe to our new history channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBnvmu9cLVwbhRHALNDh_og The “Strongest” Cannabis Strains in 2021 Kicking off this list at number 7 we have… Durban Kush At number 6 on our list is “Banana Kush” Coming in at number 5 we have “Blue Walker” Sitting comfortably At number 4 on our list “Chocolate OG” At Third place we have “99 Problems” Just off the top spot at number 2 is “Pacman OG Coming in at the top of our list at number 1 is “Grease Monkey” And that’s our list, however, should you [More]
A beautiful future is still possible if we take the time to listen to Mother Nature, and heed the warnings she is sending us. She has given us all the resources and tools and intellect we need. Now it’s up to us to get busy building the kind of world we all really want to live in.
World Class Extractions Inc (CNSX:PUMP) is a US-based industrial scale hemp and cannabis extractor. Founder Anthony Durkacz provides an overview of the company and shares his thoughts on the rapidly scaling US hemp space. Durkacz discusses why so many farmers are making the switch to growing hemp and why the switch is not without risk. World Class has built two alpha systems that will be operational at the company’s facilities in North Carolina in May. World Class will both be creating its own branded products as well as employing a toll model. Durkacz highlights the advantages of the toll model [More]
For eight years, the Hawaii Farmers Union United Convention has been a key knowledge bank for farmers from Australia to Singapore, Kenya to Britain. Now, hemp and cannabis are working into the model. Doug Fine was there in the mountains farm country of Maui, Hawaii, and brings us this report about the role hemp and cannabis play in that vital playbook for humanity’s future. Further reading: https://www.cannabisnewsnetwork.com/hawaii-hemp-capital-of-the-world/ Cannabis News Network is a news journal which publishes only cannabis related news. Find out more: http://www.cannabisnewsnetwork.com/ Like our Facebook page for updates: http://bit.ly/CNNFBYT Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/CannabisNewsNet Follow us on Instagram: [More]
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Founded by industry pioneers who champion the world’s leading hemp genetics, cannabidiol (CBD) formulations, and groundbreaking legislation, Doobies World™ focuses on scaling premium agricultural hemp production for food products to promote easy availability locally, nationally, and globally. For more info and to listen the entire podcast, visit http://orangecounty.shrimptankpodcast.com
More about this and related work: Video: Hemp and Paper in Human History
We all know that a major key to success in the CBD hemp space is high quality federally compliant genetics, but unfortunately we also know that they come with a price. Well The Plug Supply is now running a special to help alleviate some of that financial stress farmers face especially when first starting in just three simple steps: 1. Pay 50% down to reserve your seeds at $0.75 per seed and/or seedlings at $1.50 each. 2. The Plug Supply’s full time agronomy team starts building your custom tailored farming program specifically for your farm. 3. Pay the remainder on [More]
This is a HEMP house that provides everything a human needs to survive on its own. The house uses a dome shape because that shape is the strongest known shape known to mankind and it is extremely long lasting. The walling material is HemCrete that is made of industrial Hemp that is a great isolator, a breathing fire-resistant material that can last for centuries if properly constructed. The House produces its own electricity with the help of solar windows made of hemp plastic. It has a Green roof / terse that supports plant life that cleans the rainwater and makes [More]
Hey guys! Welcome to another video of Let’s Talk Hemp! Hemp is an incredibly versatile plant, used widely around the world. It has diverse applications ranging from nourishment to shelter and thousands of things in between. In this video, we are discussing the five amazing industrial applications of hemp: 1. FUEL: Hemp-derived biofuel is both economical and environment-friendly. Hemp has higher yields, shorter growth times and even burns cleaner than many other biofuels. It is no wonder companies like FORD, AUDI, and BMW are studying hemp as an alternative to other oils and materials. 2. BUILDING MATERIALS: Hemp as a [More]