Our dependence on plastic is so extreme that we have microplastics not only floating through the ocean, but also in the atmosphere, in our food, and in our bodies. So how close are we to reinventing plastic? » Subscribe to Seeker! http://bit.ly/subscribeseeker » Watch more How Close Are We | http://bit.ly/HCAWplaylist » Follow Olivia on Instagram: instagram.com/OliviaPavcoG » Visit our shop at http://shop.seeker.com *Correction: Ajay Kathuria is a professor in the Industrial Technology and Packaging department at California Polytechnic State University. Plastic really is…all around us. From our phones to our clothes to the shoes on our feet—plastic is tough [More]
Gateway claims to make an “Eco-Friendly” disc, but what does that mean? And is it really eco-friendly? In this episode of Trash Talk, I offer my unfiltered thoughts on the subject. I’m not an expert on Hemp, so here are a couple of my favorite videos: Patagonia Documentary (~15 min) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xy3HFRj1GOM Ted Talk (15 min) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qkb_TT685tM Please SUBSCRIBE to support the channel. Thanks for watching!! -Jesse //AFFILIATES For other ways to support our work, use code “TRASHPANDA” at checkout from my affiliates (it helps you and helps me!): BirdieFuel Coffee (best coffee in the game) https://www.birdiefuelcoffee.com/ North Par Apparel (clothes [More]
Hemp can replace most plastic for a green eco friendly future. Holden Farms CBD YouTube Channel video. www.holdenfarmscbd.com
Hemp bringing Life back to rural America https://youtu.be/xzXxHWa_w7U Bio Plastics materials in use
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Recreation of Henry Ford’s test.Hemp plastic car panels, stronger and a lot lighter than steal.
The Hemp Plastic Company is on a mission to disrupt the Plastics Industry with Hemp Plastic alternatives. Glen and his team are leading the way to a greener future with the development and distribution of premium earth-friendly polymers. The Hemp Plastic Company is invested in resolving one of the world’s biggest problems. There’s no escaping polymers, they’ve infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Yet, we are no longer beholden to petroleum-based materials. There are hemp plastic alternatives that resolve the plastic issue for good. These bioplastics offer a game-changing solution to manufacturers who wish to continue producing the same low-cost [More]
A preview of upcoming episode 2 where we visit GreenTek Planet and learn about their sustainable, compostable utensil line, Hemptensils made from hemp plastic and completely petroleum free. Watch episode 1 on making hemp paper: https://youtu.be/LdRpckEi8G4 Don’t miss an episode. SUBSCRIBE here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl2Pm5fS_RPA0-M041VAwqA?sub_confirmation=1 Also on Amazon Prime Video! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hempalready/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hempalready Twitter: https://twitter.com/hempalready Website: https://hempalready.com Need a video? We produce content and commercials, Gate5 in LA: https://gate5films.com/
This is how I roll a spliff, using a rolling machine. Super easy! To roll joints instead, simply omit the tobacco and add more herb. Follow me on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecherrytoker/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/CherryToker
Tired of removing your plastic mulch by hand? The Tilmor Plastic Lifter and Winder will help you take back your field with ease! The plastic lifter and winder lifts and winds plastic at the same time in one step, eliminating the need for hand removing plastic and saving labor in the process. This system can be used on low horse power tractors down to 20 horse power and the lifter has a wide adjustment range, allowing you to fit it to your plastic. The plastic winder is ground driven, meaning that whatever speed you’re traveling, the winder is spinning. The [More]
Paul Benhaim shows how a modern “Henry Ford” would act, not with an axe against a car, but a digeridoo against a car. And this time the car is not made from hemp, but the didgeridoo is! Learn more about hemp at www.hempowered.com and hemp plastic at www.hempplastic.com
Hemp sTalk Podcast – Episode 4: Can Everything Plastic Be Made From Hemp? In this episode, we discuss the benefits of hemp plastics and how it has the potential to take over the world! 4:58 Benefits of Hemp Plastic 6:20 How Traditional Plastic is Made 9:00 Hazardous Processing Methods 11:00 Hemp Composite 13:50 Single-Use Plastic 17:02 Plastic Waste 22:05 Hemp Plastic Used to Build Cars 24:42 Plastic Stray Ban 34:08 Hemp Plastic in Other Countries Knock on Hemp (KOH) LLC is an industrial hemp processor from New York State. KOH produces efficient and resilient building materials, consumer products, and energy [More]
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