Starting Cbd hemp seeds

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A small farm with a growing problem

York River Cannabis is a journey to something bigger. on our channel you will find a variety of videos. We review equipment and garden materials used on the farm along with documenting the journey of growing hemp. We share all the mistakes and successes, so that you can learn as we go on this adventure together!

We are a very small 6.5 acre farm and do not have a lot of capital to grow a large amount of cannabis at this time. As of right now we have an experimental crop of CBD cannabis on our farm. We are currently growing three strains of CBD hemp 00 Cherry Wine, T1, and Cherry Blossom. All three are very high CBD strains with NO THC that came from Oregon and Colorado. So as of now this will be an experimental grow of cannabis on our farm with the potential to expand. So for now this is an informational channel and a fun journey of growing hemp!

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