Replacing Traditional Paper Packaging with Hemp Paper with Erica Halverson | iHemp Hour

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Replacing Traditional Paper Packaging with Hemp Paper

Join us in the ihemp hour and meet Blain Becktold, Mike Brennan and Special Guest Erica Halverson.

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In this episode we listen to Erica Halverson talking about the market and the interest of industries towards switching from traditional tree papers to hemp papers.

Erica started TINY e PAPER after a serendipitous conversation over happy hour with a friend about hemp paper in November 2017. The proverbial lightbulb went off, and TINY e PAPER was born. This is where she started her own hemp education and realized just how important and special this plant is.

She started her career path in retail and moved into a corporate structure, marking her way as a Marketing, Sales, Branding and CPG expert until she decided to get some smaller table experience under her belt and moved to Silicon Valley to join the Startup community. What changed her life was finding her way into the cannabis industry working for a large premium vaporizer company where she was able to marry her professional career with a plant she is personally passionate about. She said “it felt like coming home.”

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