RED ALERT Lack of Co-operation Share Truth Hemp Fuel Energy Independence 2012

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There is something terribly wrong and there is so much evidence of the lack of co-operation to share the truth. Why is a Canadian trying harder than Americans to educate the masses about Hemp Fuel making America energy independent in 2012, hemp fuel would make all poisonous cancer causing pollution obsolete! Where is the progress of effort from Americans to expose Barack Obama’s failed Energy policy with truth about hemp fuel making America energy Independent!

I struggle with money while so much phoney activism get so much support and donations, I am not in this for money, there are so many reasons why there needs to be reliable sources of information. I have so much hard work for free, I can use any help I can get, my email is [email protected]

Alex Jones 1 Million Dollar Money Bomb 2012 Poison Planet

Mike Adams Infowars Fear instead of Hemp Fuel Energy Independence 2012

I am not asking anyone to blindly believe me, do your own research and verify the sources. How can Barack Obama fool Americans showing them don’t ask don’t tell was repealed and other progress and still maintain cannabis prohibition? There has been media distorting the truth and downplaying cannabis, ignoring important details how obama is screwing Americans over.

Obama Distracting Americans from Energy Independence
I put together a free documentary last year in 2011, Antimatter: The Future is Now, the full version was censored by youtube and the documentary still remains ignored. Should I remake it? I have made so much more progress

Warp Drive Now Vortex Formation in the Wake of Dark Matter Propulsion

The vortex is found all through nature, the vortex speeds particles near the speed of light through what is observed as black hole vortex jets extending light years across. How can a galaxy keep itself together in harmony faster than light?