Presenting FlowDrya FD25 ISO & Heatex Multi-Fuel – Drying Hemp & More

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Integrated Drying Solutions from Stronga are designed for optimum efficiency, offering great value in the form of lowest cost per tonne of hemp dried.

The ISO-edition FlowDrya and Heatex Multi-Fuel deliver optimal material drying curves with long life reliability. These modern, energy efficient, highly reliable ISO drying systems contain all the attributes our customer’s desire:

• Compact ISO modular system – easily transportable;
• Scalable capacity suited to your drying operation;
• Excellent thermal and electrical efficiency;
• Low operational and labour costs;
• Long life reliability of a well proven drying system;
• Low service and maintenance costs;
• Flexibility to dry hemp, woodchip, forage and more.

Simplicity is paramount in the ISO-edition FlowDrya which offers a close match to our fully fabricated drying systems. Each Stronga product is designed to comply with our core principle of only building easy to operate machines. FlowDrya ISO positively moves wet materials from a top hopper onto a hydraulic-powered drying floor below. Material is passed slowly, while mixing, over a flow of drying quality air which is fed from Heatex Multi-Fuel.

The PulseWave™ motion on the drying bed thoroughly mixes materials to ensure that every part of the material (hemp, woodchip or other) interacts with the drying bed and receives an even airflow, leading to uniformity of product dryness.

What’s more, FlowDrya ISO and Heatex Multi-Fuel operations are controlled by the integrated DryStation™ PLC. The PLC maximises efficiency while reducing management costs. The illuminated touchscreen enables instant visual access to drying parameters so you can take full control over your dry hemp output.

Contact Stronga today to learn more about FlowDrya FD25 ISO and/or Heatex H250 Multi-Fuel.

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