Planting CBD Hemp Through Plastic in Colorado, Wolf & WolfPro models by C&M (Checchi & Magli)

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C&M (Checchi & Magli), the #1 transplanter, has boomed with the HEMP market and has solutions for you– even if you are planting through plastic! (Special thanks to L7 Ag for letting us take drone footage at their farm in Sterling, Colorado.)

First of all, prepare your fields with our Plastic Mulch Layer. Choose 1 to 3 rows. Gets the job done quickly and lays drip tape in the same pass.

For planting through plastic we have 2 models. The Wolf & WolfPro models can plant through plastic OR directly into soil. The deep perforating cup “perforates” the plastic, creates a hole and puts the plant in STRAIGHT UP. Then the packing wheels immediately pack the dirt around the plug start to help it “SURVIVE and THRIVE”!

The WolfPro model even offers water to apply as soon as the plant is packed.

Our transplanters can plant SMALL as well as TALL (up to 18″) straight up!

We see it time after time— farmers who buy a C&M and try it come back the next season to buy more! Go to for more video and info about our different models and how you can get one for you this next season– we sold out this past season, and we are still getting calls and request every day. Don’t wait…. “You’re gonna love it!”