How to Roll the Perfect Joint with Berner

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Who’s the biggest marijuana mogul in Taylor Gang? Sorry Wiz, but that title goes to San Francisco’s own Berner, who’s now involved with several companies in the cannabis-related industry, including his own Cookies apparel line and his widely circulated Hemp2o herbal beverages, an easy dry-mouth remedy that’s both nutritious and delicious. When Berner was in NYC last month, he came carrying the proper equipment and wherewithal to make smoking in the city almost as carefree as it is back home in The Bay.

Berner came into the HNHH office and ventured into his smell-proof bag to show us how to roll the perfect joint of lemon sour diesel, freshly grown in Santa Cruz. After getting a consistent grind with the Santa Cruz Shredder, he gives detailed rolling instructions, though as an all-pro, he makes it look deceptively easy. Once he’s finished burning, he uses his Cookies USB-powered vacuum sealer to make sure his zips are air-tight and safe from the noses of pesky men in blue and their dogs.

“One of the most important things about getting high is enjoying your high,” he says, “And if he ain’t got no probable cause, it’s gonna be a really nice ride.” Now all that’s left is something to soundtrack the experience. Berner’s got you covered there, too, with his new Hempire album, featuring elite rappers (and smokers) like Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, B-Real, and more.

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