How to make Hempcrete & benefits of Hempcrete by an EXPERT | A Great Sustainable Building Material

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Do you want to learn how to make hempcrete yourself and the many benefits of hempcrete?

Do you want to learn how to make hempcrete yourself and the many benefits of hempcrete?

Go nowhere and watch this amazing video for all the information by UK Hempcrete director, Alex Sparrow.

In this video get the following details:

1. How to make hempcrete

2. Benefits of hempcrete

3. DIY hempcrete

4. Hempcrete construction and Hempcrete homes/buildings

5. Hempcrete insulation

6. Hempcrete blocks

7. Hempcrete floors

8. Hemp lime

9. How to make a perfect Hempcrete mix

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Hempcrete is essentially made up of four parts of hemp to one part of lime binder and another one part of water. It is very easy to make it and shape it according to your need. However, the end product after solidifying is very strong.

Just mix the hempcrete into the form, tamp it down, and let it set into a solid block.

Why Use Hempcrete and what are the benefits of hempcrete?

1. Hempcrete is energy efficient

2. It also maintains a steady temperature

3. It does not shrink and crack

4. It is a bio-degradable material

5. It provides a very healthy environment

6. It is a breathable material

7. It is simple to make hempcrete and requires an easy process

8. Hempcrete houses have a better and longer life than the others

9. It actually gains a lot of strength over time

10. It can be simply used for insulation if not hempcrete construction

11. It can be used for plastering and spraying

12. Hempcrete floors, hempcrete roofs, hempcrete bricks, hempcrete furniture, hempcrete homes and many more things can be constructed with it

13. It absorbs the moisture and humidity within the building

14. it is strong enough for small buildings, and very durable too.

15. It’s ideal for a lot of things fences, walls, small homes, sheds, etc.

16. It is one of the best sustainable building material and carbon emissions produced are very low from hempcrete

17. A Versatile and Eco Friendly Construction Material Hempcrete puts the power back in the community’s hands.

It is easy to grow, affordable and environmentally friendly. It’s rare you will find something so powerful and versatile that is so easy to make.

A community can build a home in a short space of time using sustainable materials such as locally grown wood and hand-cast hempcrete bricks.

The slowest part is waiting for them to set. Get the full insights on –

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