How to get Big yields with autos, lst bowl training

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This is the training I am using on the auto Northern Lights.

How to grow cheap marijuana that is dank.

Check out my playlist for how to grow in coco.

Check out my girlfriend’s channel Samantha Stone Strangeness

I show step by step how I grow in coco and other tricks at growing Marijuana. I’ve been growing for over 4 years, both autos and photoperiods, and I’ve been growing in coco and soil that whole time, but msotly coco because I haven’t like soil as much.

I’ve also grown DWC, hempy, pure perlite and other experiments.

I’ve done many grows in that time because I have always grown autos along with regulars, so I get several harvests a year.

Autos are my favorite to grow and have come a long way.