How to find & buy quality medical cannabis seeds / hemp seeds – Episode #003 – Grow Dude Show

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Welcome to episode #003 of the Grow Dude Show, this episode covers where to you should buy your medical cannabis seeds?

What is a breeder?
The actual farmer who took a male plant (or its pollen) and covered a female plant to produce seeds. ( Can also occur by have a hermaphrodite or using specific chemicals to instigate this to happen to your plant )

Breeders in most case send their seeds to a Seed dealer or seller.

What is a hemp / cannabis seed dealer or seed seller?
Well this person is the middleman that takes the most risk by selling directly to the public. A notoriously risky business both to run and to buy from – things are much smoother of the last year in the run up to the legalization.

Now with expanded legal climates the seed industry is seeing a boom, you can find people & companies selling openly in Canada. According to the cannabis act, this in fact illegal and you can be charged for the selling & purchasing as well. Now I don’t this being enforced just yet, but I do believe that time will come especially since its in the Cannabis Act clear as day.

Pick you cannabis / hemp seed dealer carefully!
I’ve seen so many people ripped off, I usually very ski-dish about buying seeds from a random website.

I did my background work, read the forums, used Reddit and IG and found – all the reviews were positive and exuding their customer service & speed.

I can attest to both. Speed & Customer Service

Speed was amazing I got both package within 5 to 7 days to Ontario Canada.

Customer Service = #1
I had a small problem, made a change, that quickly worked it out and help correct with no fuss or bs – just real customer service.

Full package tracking the entire way as well.

Well label for customs & duty – so you avoid hassles.
Very pro.

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