How to Defoliate your Autos for big yields. Topping, Mainlining & LST all explained.

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How to defoliate your autoflowers for bigger yields.

#1 Top your Auto while its still in VEG which should be around day#30
#2 the same day you top your auto, LST all your side branches so they are all laid down perfectly flat/horizontally
#3 a week after Topping start mainlining by tieing down your 2 new Tops so they are also growing horizontally.
#4 once you have mainlined your 2 new Tops out their side branches become TOPs and its important to remove their fan leaves to allow for better light penetration and airflow.
#5 Water your plant afterwards for faster recovery by giving it access to fresh nutrients to make repairs and heal it

This will give you a nice bushy branchy Autoflower that you will be able to hang al9t of buds on. #Farming4Cannabis

My formula for big yields with autos
-Light Mover
-Hydroponic Growing medium
-Top your autos before flower
-LST/Low Stress Train your side branches
-Use Efficient COB LED Grow Lights

Gualala Robotics light mover 4.0

Gualala Robotics Light mover & light rail 3.5

Optic 3 Autoflower COB LED Grow day#62
Buddah OG
Red Dwarf OG

Dutch Passion:
Auto Glueberry OG
Auto Colorado Cookies
Auto Brooklyn sunrise
Auto Extreme
Gorilla Glue
Girl Scout Cookies
HSO: Blue Dream auto

-My LED Grow Lights
* Optic 4
* Optic 6

** 6pk 4 inch rockwool cubes
* Green Plant tie for LST

Grow Room Equipment
* Light Mover
* 4 x 4 Grow Tent
* Inkbird Environment controller
* 8″ Inline Fan
* 8″ Carbon Filter
* 6″ Inline Fan
*6″ Black Ops Carbon Filter
* Fan Speed Controller
* 16″ Wall Fan