Hemp: The Misunderstood Sustainable Fabric

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Legalization is sweeping the nation, and hemp is making news for its medicinal properties and the billions of dollars flowing into the CBD industry, but many still do not understand the distinction between hemp and marijuana. Marijuana, which is what people consume to get the effects of THC, can come from either Cannabis indica or Sativa, while hemp comes only from Cannabis sativa and has less than 0.3% THC (which causes no effect). Although hemp has been around for hundreds or even thousands of years, as it is believed to be the first fiber used for human clothing, progress has been hindered by the misconception that it has the same effects as marijuana. For many years hemp was even banned! In 1938, hemp was strictly regulated for cultivation and sales, but the farming of hemp was officially prohibited in 1970. With its many helpful uses coming to light again, laws and public opinion are finally coming around to hemp’s side. In 2018, the planting and purchasing of hemp was legalized in the US.

Incredibly, hemp uses half as much water as cotton to grow and needs minimal water in comparison to other natural fibers. No pesticides are needed, and hemp can grow wild in almost any environment. The Pildora fam may have to test this by adding some hemp to our growing collection of adorable plants. Hemp is microbial, so it is smell resistant and has three times the strength of cotton, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. Exciting stuff, right? And even if you manage to wear out your hemp clothes, you can just throw them into the compost bin because they are biodegradable!

If you think that’s all we have to say about hemp, think again. It can also replenish nutrients in the soil that it grows in, unlike cotton, which takes nutrients from the soil. Hemp was actually used after the Chernobyl disaster in attempts to alleviate the radioactive elements in the ground. Hemp is a super material with incalculable uses, and new great ways to use it are constantly being discovered.

We know you are itching to purchase hemp clothing after reading this article, and we have your back! You can shop hemp clothing from Green Stitch Fabrics, which will be available at the shop soon!

The hope now is for more brands to recognize hemp’s superpowers and use it over plastic alternatives within their clothing lines. The future is in front of us, and it’s called hemp. Let’s start a Green Industrial Revolution!

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