Hemp replacing plastic will help environment

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Hemp Bottles, Cups and Straws Disappear in 90-days. Market News First learns from top hemp industry experts when, why and how profitable.

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[CORRECTION- The quote displayed in the video is from Andy Dhaliwal, President of Thrive Wellness, a subsidiary of Bougainville Ventures, Inc. Please note the correction. Sincerest apologies ~Market News First]

It’s great to see logical solutions to environmental problems plaguing our oceans, rivers and other waterways and ridding ourselves of plastic bottles seems like it should be a high priority. We find many public companies in Canada who are looking for pockets of business to create revenue buckets, it is also a huge bonus when it offers a reduction in any bio footprint.

“Hemp is 100% biodegradable and has a 90-day shelf life, which is ideal for short shelf-life products like straws and coffee cups,” said Andy Dhaliwal, President and Director of Thrive Wellness, a subsidiary of Bougainville Ventures (CSE: BOG). Mr. Dhaliwal went on to say, “We want to be a global market leader in eliminating the plastic epidemic that is polluting our environment and our oceans. We believe there are hemp-based alternatives that are much safer.”

“We truly believe hemp has more than 4,000 SKUs come out of one product. We already distributing multiple cannabinoid-based products, but we believe there could be a market for clothing fiber and plastics,” said Dhaliwal.

An SKU (stock keeping unit) is a way to keep track of specific inventory and represents a distinct type of item for sale that distinguishes it from another item. For a product, these attributes could include manufacturer, description, material, size, color, packaging, and warranty terms.

When a business takes inventory of its stock, it counts the quantity it has of each SKU. These product categories are an easy way to watch the transition out of plastic, and into hemp. It actually creates low hanging fruit for companies who are new to the container market and are looking to find market share.

The race to save our oceans from plastic as we migrate to biodegradables is on, and as we see companies are looking to establish markets and metrics for their own participation reducing the plastic footprint.

We also believe tracking SKU’s and companies who are expanding this part of their business is a logical outgrowth for hemp-based replacement products for plastics, and wonder why it actually took so long.

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