Hemp Recon Hoody by Datsusara, tour

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Recon Hoodie

The Recon Hoody has a zippered front and a unique modern design featuring an oversized hood with covert mesh viewing panels. The Hemp Recon Hoody is very comfortable and is great for all climates due to the porous nature of Hemp clothing. Hemp is able to “breathe” which keeps you cool in the heat. In cold weather air gets trapped in the fibers which is then warmed by the body, making hemp clothing naturally warm as well.

The hood on these units is fairly large, great for when one wishes to “pull the wool over their own eyes” as Bob Dobbs would say. Datsusara is well aware that there are those times when one must tune out chaos in order to focus to improve concentration, this hoody offers that while having the advantage of side mesh panels for those that still wish to remain in a state of calm awareness.

Although listed in men’s sizes they fit most women well, they tend to get “borrowed” then rarely are given back 😉

This new batch is a little bit more rough textured, however it will break in and get softer over time or a little fabric softener will speed the process up if desired.
Chris in the featured images is 5’9″, 170lbs and is wearing a medium size.

Made of durable 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton (Why Hemp?)
Oversized hood featuring mesh panels for covert viewing
2 Outside pockets and 2 inside pockets on bottom front center of hoody
YKK® Zipper
Flat shoelace style drawstring
One subtle print logo on upper back center, hidden when hood is down, featuring the Datsusara Mon (crest) representing Hemp.