Hemp production: from plant to garment

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This video aims to create awareness for sustainable alternatives to fast fashion. Hemp is one of these sustainable alternatives. In our contemporary society the consumer is not aware of the ecological consequences that fast fashion produces. The link between the consumer and the product they are buying is completely lost. This video shows the intertwined projects of local companies that together enable the production of hemp garments. Firstly ‘The Sustainable Fibers project’, which involves Pantanavo (cultivation of hemp), Stexfibers (processing of hemp plants into fiber) and Texporium (which makes yarn by a combination of materials). Secondly, we look at the company Moyzo, which works with ‘The Sustainable Fibers project’ to make garments based on their developed yarn. Moyzo is creator of the project ‘Cloosing the Loop’ where we will focus on, which is the pilot for the larger ‘Going Eco, Going Dutch’ project.