Hemp Paper (Jeff Bezos please watch this)

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Pulp from Industrial Hemp (not to be confused with Marijuana) is by far the best source for making archival quality paper. In this video I show 2 books printed during 1921 (that’s almost 96 years ago) that are in amazingly good condition – certainly better than most books that are only 5 to 15 years old (and certainly far better than books older than 15 years old). Furthermore, the farming of Hemp is ecologically safe and sustainable, the industrial processing low to non-polluting, and the pulp is only one of several products of the Industrial Hemp plant; and no trees need to be cut down (note also that making paper from trees is very a very polluting process). See these amazing book – made the way all paper use to be made. Dear viewers, please please post this to your Facebook wall, and email a link to Amazon.com sustainability departments, some book publishers, and Canadian Hemp grows associations. Thanks.