Hemp Harvest 2019 XXL with 4 harvesters | 3 Claas Xerion 4000 | Dun Agro

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Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa) is a specialist crop grown for a lot of different purposes. Dutch company Dun Agro from Oude Pekela has been specialising in hemp growing since 1996. For harvesting this bulky crop special machines are used which have been constructed by Dun Agro themselves in conjunction with German Claas dealership Wittrock.

No less than 3 Claas Xerion 4000 Trac VC’s are seen in action harvesting hemp. A fourth machine is based on an Agrifac Big Six beet harvester. They all work according to the same principal, but in details they differ. The leaves and seed heads are stripped from the plant using a Shelbourne Reynolds stripper header. A maize header is used to gather in the whole plant, which is then cut up in 30cm lengths. It will be left in the field for a number of weeks, so the bark can rot away which leaves the though hemp fibres exposed.

The hemp crop is used for lots of things. Everything is used except the roots. The stalks (fibres) are used for bedding material, pellets and lots of industrial purposes. A lot of cars use insulation material made from hemp and even whole houses can be made of hemp. For more information: https://dunagrohempgroup.nl.

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