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Hemp Clothing

Now that hemp is legal here in the United States, we should start seeing many more hemp based products coming to the market besides CBD. Hemp is a very strong fibrous material that can be used affordably in the textile industry. It has commonly been used to make rope, but now we should see many more fabrics coming into the market that are hemp based. People have even make airplanes from hemp.

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My name is Christine Sclafani for TNMNews and I really like fashion. Sometimes though, it feels like designers are really reaching with their creativity to find something original that can really stand out.

But now designers have a whole new material to work with in hemp. When most of us think of clothing made from hemp, we probably think of a thick canvas like material that is better suited to backpacks than clothing, but anyone that really knows hemp knows that is not true.

Researchers are even looking into an enzyme process called crailar that makes hemp very soft. When real fashion designers started taking the best manufacturing practices and applied them to hemp, they found that they could make nice, durable, affordable and very importantly more environmentally friendly clothing.

Today, brands like Hempy’s and Hoodlamb are making really nice clothing from hemp. We should expect even more from hemp fashionistas in the future now that hemp is legal here in the U.S.

On top of hemp clothing being beautiful, durable and affordable, it sheds less micro-plastic when it washes and is completely biodegradable. It is even good for hospitals because it a natural antibacterial fiber and it is also UV resistant.

If you have not taken a close look at hemp clothes, I think you will be delighted when you do.

Stay lifted everyone!

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