Grow Sisters, The Humboldt Seed Company, Cannabis and Hemp seeds, Genetics

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We are so excited to share this video with you! Grow Sisters, The Humboldt Seed Company, Cannabis and Hemp seeds, Genetics. Our favorite Grow Sisters on-location video yet! We were fortunate enough to visit The Humboldt Seed Company! Deep in the hills of Humboldt county, we explore how some of the oldest truest to The Emerald Triangle strains are being kept genetically healthy, thriving, and best of all seeding!

Nathaniel Pennington began breeding Cannabis in 2000 while working as a Fisheries Biologist and raising his now 18-year-old daughter.

Pennington has coordinated hundreds of community-led, science-based efforts to protect local salmon populations over the last 17 years. In 2001 he formalized his breeding methods, founded Humboldt Seed Company and eventually brought on the current Board of Directors and associates (the Company is a democratically controlled Mutual Benefits Corp.)
The goal of the Company was never based on income. Instead, providing tools (seeds) for the communities in and around Humboldt County to produce hi-quality Cannabis medicine remained their focus. Consistent increase in demand for the company’s seeds from some of the world’s best Cannabis farmers and vastly increasing sales every year at Humboldt Patient Resource Center informed the company that they were, in fact, serving their community and led to the recent decision to provide seeds to legal growers throughout California.

When asked how he developed his breeding methodology Pennington credits his science/genetic research background and desire to help people as his guide. Humboldt Seed Company continues to place organic Cannabis farmers and community needs in-front of its own interests and according to Pennington “it seems to be working”. He also mentions, “our process involves discarding 99% of our work so we can provide you with the best seeds possible, your success is our success so happy growing”.

Humboldt Seed Company also offers common vegetable garden seeds locally, their Cannabis seeds are available at medical dispensaries throughout California in accordance with state law, never online, at least until its legal.

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