GIANT HEMP TREE over 20 feet big cannabis plant – new strain hutners wild weed ganja landrace seeds

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I lived in the Himalaya to collect cannabis seeds from wild landrace genetics.
I collected the best phenotypes and brought them to Europe, I think over 20.000 seeds.

They are green gold, because of there ancient genetic with high level of thcv! (Thcv has anti depressive effects and gives a feeling of mental clarity and creates self esteem)

Max 12% thc
1-3 % cbd

No tiredness
No anxiety
No dry mouth
No confusion

Because of the natural balance of cannabinoids and the special terpenes.

You don’t need to travel the world, you can order online!!! 🤝🤜🏻🤛🏻🌱

I have two different strains, one indica from high altitudes and a sativa from the low fields.

Ask me any question and I will give my best to answer soon as possible!

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From ancient #wildweed we produce #hempfashion made out of handwoven #hempfabrics in the Himalaya!! We allso design #hempshoes #hempbags and accessories made out of the fiber from #landracescannabis We use this #wildhemp and produce #slowfashion that is #organic #vegan and #fairtrade #ecofashion ! We allso collected thousands of #landraceseeds and we spread the world wide 🗺

Wir selber tragen #hanfkleidung und lieben unsere #hanftaschen, gehen bequem in #hanfschuhe durchs Leben und setzen uns für den Wandel ein, hin zu einer besseren Welt! #hanfmode und #hanftextilien aus dem Himalaya in Nepal, sind die beste und stärkste Genetik für den industriellen Nutzen von Cannabis! Diese #landrassecannabis Pflanzen werden bis zu 8 Meter groß und ihre Blüten haben bis zu 15% delta9 t..c und 3-5% #CBD Wir haben aktiv #landrassesamen gesammelt und verbreiten diese weltweit 🌍 doch die Mode ist #thcfree