Fabric of Change – Chirag Tekchandaney, co-founder of BOHECO

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Chirag Tekchandaney is co-founder of Bombay Hemp Co. (BOHECO), India’s first industrial hemp company focused on making hemp production sustainable. BOHECO wants to make a difference in the resource-abundant yet underdeveloped rural economies of India. They recognize the untapped economic value of natural fibres such as industrial hemp, coir and roselle as raw materials for industries including cordage, construction and textiles.

BOHECO works to promote integrated models in which several natural fibres are used together to create a wide variety of blends and fabrics playing to each other’s strengths. They have designed a strategy to catalyse a comprehensive ecosystem for hemp and prove it can be grown at an industrial level in local climates.

Learn more about BOHECO: http://india.ashoka.org/fellow/sanvar-oberoi