Fabric Care Guide : Hemp | How to care for Hemp

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Check out the fabric care guide : https://www.tsiapparel.com/blog/fabric-care-guide

This is a visual how-to care guide for hemp fabric. This video highlights how to take proper care of hemp clothing and garments in your closet.

Basic characteristics of hemp –

– Woven of fibres from the stems of Cannabis Sativa plant
– 3x stronger than cotton
– Similar to linen in feel and appearance
– Resistant to UV rays, mold, mildew & rot
– Gets wrinkled easily
– Absorption & release of perspiration is quick
– Can be easily dyed

Care Instructions –

– Washing instructions – Hemp is machine washable and it is advised to use cold water.
– Drying instructions – Hemp clothing should be hanged to dry or lay flat to dry. Dryer on low can also be used.
– Ironing instructions – Iron on high temperature when fabric is still damp.

While taking care of hemp fabric it is important to note –

– Don’t use chlorinated bleach
– Over drying in dryer will result in broken fibres
– Stretch the fabric when hang/flat drying to avoid wrinkles

Note – As best practice, always follow the garment’s care label for exact instructions. If there isn’t one, just follow this guide & it will help your hemp fabric last longer.

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