EP3 – Hemp Clothing and Eco Fashion Redefined with THTC

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During this Episode we speak about Hemp and Eco Fashion with Gav Lawson from THTC Clothing in London. THTC is an ethically-driven clothing label. They produce eco-friendly and politically conscious street wear, made from hemp, carbon-neutral organic cotton, and recycled salvage plastic fibres.

Planted by the Lawson brothers back in 1999, it was watered with urban music,and fed with a love of life and street culture. THTC has since grown into an influential global street-wear brand, with a flourishing online community.

They have been the vanguard of a crusade to bring hemp into the realm of credible, urban street-wear. They also produce private-label runs for businesses and events, produce and distribute several clothing ranges of t-shirts, hoodies, shopping bags and sweaters.

They are also proud of an illustrious history of upcycling, turning past ranges into original new styles, and collaborating with companies such as Good One and My Only One.

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