Emerald Cup 2017 – Stop #3 – Vital Hemp Clothing

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At our third stop in the Emerald Cup of 2017 we talk with Ron from Vital Hemp about his line of hemp clothing, and how he arrived in the industry after teaching History of Film as a professor in Los Angeles California. From his start on the boardwalk of Venice in ’03, he has since made many connections in the green business’s of San Francisco California, Denver, and Washington. Vital Hemp is currently open for business in their own store located on Main Street in Santa Monica California.

Hemp used to be widely used in many places around the world for the production of food to textiles. Hemp cloth is not only up to 5 times stronger than cotton, but will grow softer and breathe freer as they are worn in. Though a bit more costly than other fabrics, the small impact it has on our environment seems worth it. Pesticide use is reduced greatly as the hemp plant does not need them to survive, which keeps the poison out of our skies, and off our clothing. More so, the cultivation of the plant does not deplete the soil it is grown in as other plants do, making it a great rotation crop for our farmers.

The hope and goal is to return the hemp industry to the United States so that we may legally grow the plant here at home. It is currently shipped in from across sea’s, or our northern border of Canada, from places that have been harvesting the crop to make everyday necessities for many years; just like we used to before the changing of the law years ago. By supporting the hemp industry through Vital Hemp, we may see that dream achieved, and the world begin to become a safer, cleaner place.
Check them out at VitalHemp.com, and read about the Hemp Industry here. Join the fight for our planet. Together we can make a change.

Up next we talk with business owner Willy Nillway about Lightwave Science, a company involved in the measurement of both potency and moisture content present within your buds. Stay tuned as we make our way through the crazy crowds of the 2017 Emerald Cup celebration.

Check out Vital Hemp’s full line here: http://www.vitalhemp.com/

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