Cryo-Trim™️ FREEZE DRY & CURE Cannabis/Hemp 24 hr Crop-to-Cure™ The Original Resinator®️ CannaFREEZE

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Live cannabis is a masterpiece of nature. It’s beautiful to look at, touch and smell. It’s too bad that harvested cannabis and hemp loses so much of its magic. You see, cannabis degrades during the curing process. It’s rare to end the process with the same full bodied, colorful bud that started it. The worst part is that you’re spending time and money on a curing process that degrades the product. You need 2 weeks or more to complete it. You need space, people, climate control and power. Those costs take a bite out of the bottom line. And pests or mold can take an even bigger bite. Thankfully, there’s a better way.


A new way to trim, dry and cure cannabis or hemp flowers. And do it faster, for less, with a better result. That way is The Original Resinator® in sequence with CannaFREEZE™. A Crop-to-Cure™ solution for trimming, curing and processing that results in a product as beautiful and potent as when it was first picked, in just 16-24 hours.


1. Rapid Processing, Drying, and Curing for a Superior Product
-A revolutionary method to trim, dry & cure your cannabis or hemp in only 16-24 hours.

2. A Nearly Perfect Manicure
-A nearly perfect manicure of the outer leaves, resulting from the patented liquid carbon dioxide based Cryo-Trim™ process.

3. Preservation and Stabilization
-A process that preserves more THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC & terpenes than any other drying method.
-The process also prevents oxidation through controlled moisture removal, which is essential for stabilization and further refinement of uncured or “live” biomass.

4. User Experience
-Freeze drying cannabis prevents deterioration of THC-A into Delta9 THC and the CBN cannabinoids responsible for making users feel drowsy or lethargic… That translates to more energy with less inactivity.

5. Potency and Added Value
-Lyophilized cannabis results in a more potent final product than traditionally dried and cured methods.
-The fact that our process maintains potency with no degradation of terpenes not only means better fragrance and taste, it also means you can expect an average increase of as much as 3-4% in total cannabinoids.
-That critical quality distinction allows for a higher retail price point, direct to market benefits, and increased revenue.

6. Retention
-With our process, the cannabis or hemp flower retains its shape, size, color, and fragrance… That means ZERO shrinkage.
-Experience increased yields with lower loss rates due to molds & pests, and raise your bottom line.
-When properly stored, it can have a shelf life of over a year.
-Fresh floral essence makes for enhanced flavor profile, minimizing tussication while providing smoother inhalation than traditionally dried and cured cannabis.

7. Savings
-With a smaller footprint, you won’t need large curing and drying rooms. So you save time and money on maintenance, utilities, and labor.

8. Consistency and Production Speed
-That leads to consistent, reliable results from your newly automated trimming, drying and curing process for a true Crop-to-Cure™ in 24 hours experience.

9. Eliminates Mold and Pests
-Using deep vacuum through lyophilization eliminates the possibility of mold, mildew, bud rot and pest contaminations.

10. Sanitary
-Our process helps to diminish cross-contamination by reducing contact with laborers and unnecessary external exposures. This produces better test results, which are crucial in this time of demanding and increasing regulatory oversight.

11. Capacity
-Capacities range from 55 to over 1,100 on our 16-24 hour cycle F-Series models.
-Capacity of the DX-Series ranges from 22 to 220 pounds, with a 3-5 day cycle.


What is Cryo-Trimming™?

Micro injections of liquid carbon dioxide brittle exterior leaves, allowing them to quickly fracture and fall from the flower. By momentarily flash freezing the biomass, we are able to produce the cleanest manicure in remarkably short times, multiplying your production throughput and turnover. All while preserving botanical essence and keeping trichomes and cannabinoids intact.

What is Freeze Drying?

Freeze drying cannabis or hemp is the process of removing water from cannabis as water vapor through sublimation. With the biomass vacuum sealed and frozen during the process, bud shrinkage is eliminated, resulting in near perfect preservation.

Why Freeze Dry?

It’s simple. It can take 2 weeks to a month to get cannabis ready for market. With freeze drying, you can do that in less than a day. Which means the freeze dying process delivers a product that is cured like it has been traditionally dried and cured for thirty days, only wIth a higher added value.


The Original Resinator® with CannaFREEZE™is a revolutionary new method to TRIM, (FREEZE) DRY & CURE cannabis or hemp for a GENUINE PREMIUM & ENHANCED QUALITY, Crop-to-Cure™ product in 24 hours.