Create Biochar From Hemp Stalks! – OrganiLock

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We received a trailer load of hemp stalks at our OrganiLock testing facility that was dried and stripped for the purpose of turning it into a value-added product. We used it to create usable heat and make biochar.

The first step was to chip the stalks with a small wood chipper. The particle sizes were too big to feed consistently so we ran the material through our AHS-20 (Automatic Hammermill System). The material was too ropey so we had to run it through the hammer mill a second time with a smaller screen. Processing this way is not ideal but possible.

The material burned very well and made excellent biochar.

Summary – the material is a viable heat source and biochar feedstock. The pile you see in the video produced 2.5MM Btu’s of heat. It is a great source of heat for a greenhouse. The product could easily be pelletized as well.