Ayurvastra – Indian Fabric made with Medicinal Dyes

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“Ayurvedam ” is a 5000 year old Indian system of healing.

A group of youngsters from Thiruvananthapuram has invented “Ayurvastra” a cotton fabric which they believe can heal some diseases.

The cotton fabrics are made out of dyes using various medicinal plants and herbs.

The medicinal herbs include turmeric, tulsi, neem, khus-khus (vetiver), sandalwood and indigo. These herbs are blended with balancing herbs to make delicate colours that remain in the fibres.

Ayurvastra dyeing is applied on all natural fibers like cotton, silk, linen, wool, coir, hemp, neetle, bamboo to make eco friendly textiles.

Clothing and bed linen made with these fabrics are increasingly popular in the South of India.

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