A Home Building Revolution – The Harmless Home

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It’s now possible to build structures that are carbon negative, fireproof, soundproof, toxin free, earthquake, mold and pest resistant. This video features the first home of its kind in the world. Located in East Sooke on southern Vancouver Island, near Victoria, BC, this eco home showcases what’s possible using Canadian made construction technology and materials. Meet Arno Keinonen, the pioneer behind the Harmless Home, and his team of innovators who made it possible. Learn about this revolutionary product and project from the inventor, planner, builder and homeowners.

Buildings, like this, can mitigate EMF, have an extremely long lifespan and are energy efficient with insulation values well beyond current standards. Canadian innovation and technology has resulted in this revolutionary building product being one answer to climate change while providing hemp farmers with new opportunities.

The sequestration of carbon begins in the field and carries on through the entire manufacturing process and build. Less water, energy, money and resources are required to create these buildings that can last hundreds of years. Buildings constructed from Just BioFiber (JBF) can provide sustainable living within the means of our one Earth and drastically reduce construction waste.