3D Printing Hempcrete – Proposal Summary – MIT Climate Colab Buildings 2015 Winner

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We are currently in the design and development phase of a 100% hempstone/hempcrete construction project.

All structural and architectural elements will be constructed of either hemp fiberboard, hempcrete/hempstone, or hemp plastic or resin composites.

All hempcrete/hempstone components will be printed in smaller single-man-manageable blocks with a waste-less “skeleton” form, not unlike the way bone is structured, only applying material where it’s needed. These blocks can then be stacked together to form the body of the house, and will include space for utilities and wiring etc in the blocks design.

Please contact me or visit: http://climatecolab.org/web/guest/plans/-/plans/contestId/1301412/planId/1305704

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