1st Hempcrete Round House in the USA

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In 2016 Starseed Creative designed and built one of the first permitted hemp/lime houses in California. This structure is also the first hemp/lime Round house in the United States comprised of two floors totaling over 1,800 square feet.

Features of the home include:
1) Healthy home design based on Building Biology Principals.
2) Passive heating and cooling
3) Basing the floor plan on sacred house design
4) A 6ft operable skylight
5) Fire resistant materials

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Starseed Creative chose to use hemp/lime infill for the walls of the structure because of it’s ability to perform like our own skin by regulating temperature, humidity, and creating a healthy interior environment through purifying the air. Starseed Creative also chose hemp/lime because of the versatility in appearance that allows hemp/lime to be easily accepted by the mainstream as well as alternative building designs. The ease of the installing hemp and lime was also key to have a building method not only made of sustainable materials but also to be sustainable on the bodies of builders and owners constructing the walls. Other highlights were the vapor permeability of the wall system that is resistant to mold growth as well as the fire, and pest resistance of the walls. Both owners, have mold sensitives and live in a rainy climate so mold resistance for a natural building method was a high priority. Other benefits include the walls being carbon sequestering, durable, and able to last hundreds of years yet be composted when the building has reach the end of it’s life.