In this video I talk about different types of fabrics for clothing, their features as well as pros & cons. I’m wearing my peach Omote’ robe available here Kim Dave Community page ~~ Buy sewing supplies 🛒 (handpicked by me!) ~~ Sewing Supplies (US) • Individual Items (UK) Pattern Master • Pattern Paper for Tracing • Pattern Card, Brown Paper • Tape measure (yellow) • Set Square • Marker pen • Long Steel Ruler • Scissors • Mannequin • Brother LS14S Sewing Machine • Brother 1034D Overlocker [More]
We got our hands on an awesome chocolate hemp protein from Plant Fuel Nutrition, so we decided to give it a review! As the avid reviewers we are, we went quite into depth even providing a breakdown of the nutrition. We found this product to be quite nuanced in the market, and is definitely suited to those who want to maximise their health. It’s comparatively low protein content to other protein supplements on the market was a minor negative, however this can easily be mitigated by consuming with soy milk or in a smoothie. Check out Plant Fuel Nutrition below… [More]
Hemp – The wonder plant | Growing hemp for a ‘high’ economy Belgium’s experiment to grow hemp to kick start economy. Hemp’s bark contains a fibre that can be used to make paper. Watch report. #Hemp #Belgium #WION About Channel: WION -The World is One News, examines global issues with in-depth analysis. We provide much more than the news of the day. Our aim to empower people to explore their world. With our Global headquarters in New Delhi, we bring you news on the hour, by the hour. We deliver information that is not biased. We are journalists who are [More]
In this video we try out juicy hemp wraps strawberry Fields. We’ll open them up, see how they smell, check them out and roll one up and try. Check out my merch #JuicyHempWraps#HowToRoll For educational and entertainment purposes only **21 and over only** D.H.C: The Weed Box Use code: BIGMIKE to SAVE!!! Order your box here at: LOOK** **LIKE** ** SUBSCRIBE ** Contact me at:[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] California medical patient proposition 215 21+ and over adult Channel only
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Garbage Plastic film (shopping bags) recycling woven henp fiber
Lawrence Serbin, President of Hemp Traders shows the current quality of hemp fiber which is used for making textiles. Explains what is necessary to get better quality and lower prices and grow the hemp industry.
It’s hemp harvesting time in Tennessee. Thousands of farmers are drying their crops and prepping to sell them to CBD processors.
Go here for your Hemp Protein – WHAT IS HEMP PROTEIN? Hemp protein is a valuable and convenient type of hemp food made of crushed hemp seeds. The hemp seeds are first cold pressed to remove their oils, and then the remaining hemp seed meal is milled into a delicious and versatile powder. Featuring hemp’s light nutty flavor, hemp protein powder dissolves easily into liquids and is a great addition to smoothies and shakes. Hemp protein can also be used as a partial flour substitute in many recipes for baked goods– like muffins, cakes, breads, and more! Hemp protein, [More]
One of my Favorite recipes, Hemp Seed Hummus! Inspired by my pal Jim at This recipe is quick, tasty, and power packed with lots of complete protein and enzymes. Great snack for kids and adults! A recipe like this helps you eat more raw celery, carrots, colorful bell peppers, radish, fennel and all veggies dip-able. You’ll see:) SUBSCRIBE for more on healthy, happy living. Visit for Culinary Healing™ 5 Minute Recipes For Health, Happiness and Beauty. Blythe Natural Living by BlytheTV Executive Producer: Andrew Maisner, Indrek Mändmets, Blythe Metz, Allison Geddie Producer: Blythe Metz, Anthony Dalesandro Creator, writer [More]
Kathryn Adel explains what are the health effects and the main differences between flax, chia and hemp seeds. For more information:
The internet is abuzz with interesting ways to roll up some ganja. It seems standard rolling papers are no longer sufficient when it comes to impressing friends and party-goers. No, these days, the coolest joints are either artistically designed or simply rolled using unique products. perfecting your joint game just to show how bad-ass you are in the weed scene. All you need is a little creativity (don’t worry, we’ll help). But first, a bit of background on the history of rolling marijuana. The History of Rolling Cannabis Back in the day, cannabis was consumed primarily through pipes and hookahs. [More]
How a hemp paper company started with a conversation with a friend.. In this bonus clip, Founder and CEO, Erica Halverson tells us what triggered her to start a paper company to make product packaging out of hemp instead of tree paper. Watch the full episode: SUBSCRIBE here: Also on Amazon Prime Video! Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Need a video? We produce content and commercials, Gate5 in LA:
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Hurd is a plentiful and omni-present component of the hemp plant with rare, valuable properties. Making use of its high intrinsic value, unlocked using HempTrain™ advanced processing technology, to produce clean, size-specified granules, hemp hurd is now being used in a number of commercial products for large high-value global markets. For more information on hemp hurd and high-value markets, or for more information on all other hemp product streams, please visit our website
Emily Febles from the Industrial Hemp Program Manager presents a webinar for small business counselors, cooperative extension agents and rural leaders to learn about policy, markets and regulations governing industrial hemp production in North Carolina. This webinar will explain program resources and supply participants with links to additional resources to share with their clients and contacts. Additional webinars are scheduled for the remainder of the year and can be found on the NCGT Events page. These events are co-sponsored by NCGT and the Central Carolina Community College – Small Business Center.
Hemp Seeds pressing – cold pressing – cold Extraction of unpeeled hemp seeds with fully automated oil screw press. Total net yield of 85%. Best equipm,ent for Hemp processing on the international market. Made in Germany by Florapower. Contact us for detailed information on Cannabis processing / continuous CBD oil production, organic CBD concentration, etc.: | [email protected] | +49 821 / 8 99 49 88 40 Press Trail with a fully automatic 100kg/h screew press and hemp seeds. The press is eqipped with a conditioning stuff screw for higher yields.
Montana Ag Network: processing industrial hemp
Hemp could be a new cash crop for Florida farmers.
Montana prepares for industrial hemp
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