Do you know the difference between natural fibers and which is the most sustainable fabric and the best for you? Organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp are all sustainable but each fabric has its advantages and disadvantages. SHOP MY HANDMADE ZERO WASTE PRODUCTS: 10% SHOP DISCOUNT: VISIT MY BLOG: //WHAT I USE: //LET’S GET SOCIAL: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Tiktok: //CONTACT: [email protected] And make sure you subscribe to my channel! DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I [More]
Morris Beegle President & CEO of Colorado Hemp Company and WAFBA joins us to discuss how his experience in the music industry has allowed him to build the world’s largest Hemp Trade Show, known as NOCO, and develop hemp apparel and paper products. We talk about how the Hemp space has gone from a focus on Fiber, before CBD was well known, and back to Fiber, as the CBD bubble is popping. His goals are around growing the hemp manufacturing supply chain in the US, by starting with the products, then working his way back to the plant. Such as [More]
You hear words like fair fashion vs. fast fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable fashion: when you buy vegan clothing, where are you standing in terms of sustainability? In this video, I discuss the vegan alternatives to animal-based materials used in the apparel industry. Are they sustainable and ethical? Thumbs up if you liked this video 🙂 If you subscribe to this channel and click on the bell, you will be notified when a new video goes live! New videos: Wednesday 4pm & Sunday 12pm (Paris/Berlin time). Take care! Justine ************************** To contribute subtitles under any of my videos: Thanks a [More]
As a professional green clothes manufacturer, tie dye hemp shirt men is one of our main products. We love hemp so much because it is one of the most eco-friendly textile material which we widely used for making a shirt, t-shirt, hoodies, pullover, and pants. Every year, we do a lot of factory price hemp shirt wholesale to the market of Australia, U.S.A, Netherland, and another European country. Realchance Eco Textile Co., Ltd Website: Address: No.727, Dream Valley, The Middle of Lingshan St., Taian, Shandong, China. Contact: Jason Mras Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-18737190684 E-mail: [email protected]
After stumbling across hemp and recognising the difference it can make to the fashion industry, this video explains how the brand was started.
Why hemp could save the world. Get access to extended, ad-free OCC content with CuriosityStream AND Nebula for $14.79 per year (26% off for a limited time only!) In this Our Changing Climate climate change video, I look at how hemp could save the world from climate change. Obviously, there’s no one solution to climate change, but hemp and hemp cultivation could unlock a lot of alternatives to industries that currently emit tons of CO2 every year. Hemp is not only beneficial for the soil, but it also sequesters a substantial amount of carbon dioxide. Also, hemp is one [More]
As the hemp industry starts to take off in the Midwest, stakeholders in the industry are researching commercial uses for the crop.
A growing number of North Carolina’s farmers are turning to hemp production as a new source of revenue, spurred by the popularity of CBD products and the Trump administration’s trade war with China, which has hit the state’s tobacco industry especially hard by decimating the export market. But is hemp production the future of family farms in North Carolina? Hari Sreenivasan reports. More from today’s show in North Carolina: How North Carolina became a swing state: What impact will North Carolina have on the 2020 election? * Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: Find more [More]
Hemp seeds have gained much popularity in the health industry today. For people who don’t know what this super seed is, tune in to watch as I explain the benefits of Hemp seeds and why it is different from its badly reputed cousin Cannabis. ☑️LEARN TO MASTER HEALTH by Subscribing 👉Recommended Video Series You should Check Out! *Why is MAGNESIUM so Important | Magnesium Health Benefits – *Top 7 Healing Foods to Eat after an Illness / Surgery – *Omega 3 Helps Muscle Building & Recovery… WATCH THIS | Fish Oil Benefits | Bodybuilding – *Top [More]
Add hemp seed oil to your horses feed by drizzling one to four ounces on their feed daily. Hemp seed oil is a cold-pressed, anti-inflammatory oil containing Omegas 3, 6, and 9. These are essential fatty acids and are not made naturally in the body, meaning they must be obtained from food. Unlike humans, if horses eat enough Omega 3, their bodies can produce the other fatty acids. Hemp oil is a great way to provide horses with a healthy fat containing these essential nutrients. Additionally, hemp seed oil contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which is not found in other [More]
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Join Ben Carnevale as he uses our innovative refined hemp seed oil to cook crusted hemp seed salmon topped with a delicious fig glaze. Website: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: BSHV products mentioned in this video: Hemp Seeds: Refined Hemp Seed Oil: Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil: Hemp Protein: About Blue Sky Hemp Ventures Ltd: Blue Sky is a pioneer in whole plant utilization and a wholesale supplier of high-quality hemp – for food, fibre and CBD. BSHV is a growing force in the Canadian hemp processing industry, providing a range of sustainable, high-quality, [More]
You can use hemp hearts to make many kitchen staples. For example, you can make hemp milk by blending hemp hearts with water, then straining them. Ground seeds can be used to make flour. Or you can use the ground seeds to make vegan protein powder. Some people extract hemp oil from the seeds and used for dressings and sauces. Hemp hearts are versatile, so they can be used in a range of dishes, from sweet to savory. They help provide texture, a little crunch, and a subtle, nutty flavor. They’re a great protein-packed addition that can be sprinkled atop [More]
This is one of my favorite ways to include more plant variety in my diet. Learn about my upcoming Project Zoom to Health! Discounted enrollment closes soon: Join our mailing list here!
Rich Omega 3 Fatty Acid Seeds | Reduces Cholesterol and PMS | Heart Health | Dr. Manthena’s Health Tips Watch more amazing Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju’s videos: —-*——-*—— డాక్టర్ మంతెన సత్యనారాయణ రాజు గారి ఆశ్రమం లో అనుభవజ్ఞులైన నేచురోపతి డాక్టర్లు ఏ ఆహారం తీసుకుంటే ఏ సమస్య పోతుందో తగు సలహాలు మరియు సూచనలు ఇస్తారు. ఉదయం 7 గంటల నుండి రాత్రి 9 గంటల లోపు ఈ క్రింది ఫోన్ నెంబర్ కి ఎప్పుడైనా కాల్ చేసి మీ సమస్యలకు పరిష్కారం పొందవచ్చు. 9848021122. డాక్టర్ “మంతెన సత్యనారాయణ రాజు” గారి ఆశ్రమం లో వైద్య సేవల వివరాల కోసం, ఈ క్రింది ఫోన్ నెంబర్ కి కాల్ చేయండి. 08632333888. Experienced naturopathic doctors will be available at Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana [More]
18+ CANADIAN CANNABIS For todays episode of Canadian Cannabis we will be checking out another pack of papers to help you figure out what rolling papers are the best for your needs! Patreon – Instagram – @Mr.CanadianCannabis Email – [email protected] During my reviews I will mention the look, smell, taste, smoke & effect. Please note that effects may differ from person to person and must only be used responsibly legally. I do not condone the illegal and irresponsible use of cannabis. This page is to help educate on cannabis and not to promote cannabis.
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Fabric name: Lavanya 100% Hemp Canvas Fabric, 410-420 GSM Hemp fabric Wholesale
On our journey to share more on how we go about business… We’ve created videos discussing different topics. Today we’ll explain our process when testing shrinkage in our fabrics. One thing to keep in mind: Natural fabrics are highly susceptible to shrinkage. We frequently check our fabric to test for shrinkage. 1. Cut 1/2 yard of the selected fabric 2. Draw 10” x 10” cross 3. Throw the fabric in the washer and dryer, let dry 4. Measure and compare results to determine percentage of shrinkage PSA: Fabrics should be washed before cut and sew For more information, check out [More]
My Daily Choice Business Opportunity. Take the FREE Tour here —-} In this My Daily Choice business opportunity video I share with you a very unique MLM industry brand with the Hemp Clothing line. Exciting times as MDC evolves into the next Billion $$$ Company? My Daily Choice Income Disclosure – Copy & Paste into your browser: (Optional) Funded proposal marketing system & customised funnel. FREE 7 Day Trial here —–} My Daily Choice is a fast growing home based business opportunity. You can start a home based business today for free with 121 mentoring & full [More]
The new hemp clothing line will be launching June 21st 2021! This will be available worldwide! #hempclothing #sustainableclothing #soft #durable #hemp
Learn weed mainlining/manifolding for your marijuana plants. Learn the high-stress training technique of mainlining/manifolding in this mainlining weed tutorial. Lesson Timeline – Lesson Overview – 0:38 – What is mainlining? – 1:11 – What equipment do you need? – 1:40 – How to implement mainlining: Step 1 – 1:48 – How to implement mainlining: Step 2 – 3:21 – How to implement mainlining: Step 3 – 4:01 – How to implement mainlining: Step 4 – 4:24 How to implement mainlining: Step 5 – 4:54 How to implement mainlining: Step 6 – 5:10 When to mainline plants – 5:32 Why does [More]